Specialty Group is a leading provider of event cancellation, prize indemnity, weather insurance and special event liability to the events, sports, promotion marketing and entertainment industries. No other insurance provider offers this full range of complementary event-related products.

Event Cancellation
Event cancellation is a contingency insurance coverage designed to protect event expenses or revenue against cancellation or abandonment caused by reasons beyond your control. Specialty Group can provide protection for almost every event held in the U.S., Europe and throughout the world. Online quoting and binding is quick and easy with our new TotalEvent® system.

Special Event Liability
Special event liability insurance provides protection for third-party bodily injury and property damage that could arise out of your event. The underwriting process is fast, responsive and competitive. We can cover a variety of events, including mobile marketing tours, product sampling events, sporting events, fairs, festivals, concerts, consumer trade shows and weddings. Specialty Group will work with you to develop a policy to meet your needs. Online quoting and binding is quick and easy with our new TotalEvent® system.

Event weather insurance protects against adverse weather conditions that can reduce attendance and negatively affect event revenue. It is designed to offset not only the revenue lost due to reduced attendance but other revenue sources such as concessions, food and parking. It can cover perils such as rain, snow, wind and temperature. Weather Insurance can also be used to stabilize income for businesses such as restaurants or pay-for-play golf courses that rely on good weather on weekends and holidays. It can also be used to contain costs for businesses such as condo associations or private hospitals/school that pay for their own snow removal costs..

TotalEvent® Insurance Online provides brokers with a branded white-labeled solution to allow convenient processing direct to your clients while you earn commissions with each written account. Products available in the TotalEvent® system are special event liability, weather, event cancellation and prize indemnity.

TotalEvent® is a fully automated online quoting and binding system, not just a “black box” quoting system. Users may complete an application online, receive a quote, make payment, bind the policy and print quotes, policies, invoices and certificates.

TotalEvent® is easy to use. Go through a simple registration process, then add an unlimited number of individual users. Apply for coverage on behalf of your clients or have clients visit a branded customer portal to apply on their own.

Access TotalEvent® Online for brokers or TotalEvent® Online for direct customers.

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