General Aviation

Our underwriters provide a wide variety of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft insurance products:

  • Corporate Aviation / Industrial Aid Aircraft owned / operated by companies maintaining an aircraft or fleet of aircraft flown by professional flight crews. Our industrial aid experts provide customized services to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Coverages can include but are not limited to war and confiscation, expanded territories and extensive coverage enhancements.
  • Pleasure and Business Aircraft Aircraft ranging in size from small single engine to executive jet aircraft flown by the owner/operator
  • Charter Service Aircraft Aircraft operating under the guidelines of the FAR 135 certificate. Includes passenger and cargo aircraft for hire. Other uses could include but are not limited to power line / pipeline patrol, aerial photography, aerial advertising, predator control, fish spotting and fire patrol.
  • Cargo Transport Operators
  • Aircraft Sales Aircraft companies specializing in the sale of new and used aircraft
  • Firefighting Firefighting operations for fixed wing operators
  • Helicopters Includes but is not limited to industrial aid uses; pleasure and business; commercial use including charter, instruction, sightseeing, movie filming, electronic news gathering (ENG), traffic patrol, fire patrol, control burning, animal herding, predator control and frost patrol.

Summary of Coverages

  • General liability
  • Passenger liability
  • Hull physical damage
  • Spare parts coverage
  • Cargo liability
  • Non-ownership liability
  • Medical payments  

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