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Guarantee the fulfillment of obligations arising from legal proceedings and which are exhibited before a competent judicial authority.

The bail bonds guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations derived from judicial procedures and that are presented before a competent judicial authority, as a guarantee of compensation the damage caused to the affected individuals.

Criminal bonds

Criminal bonds guarantee the fulfillment of procedural obligations:

  • PROVISIONAL FREEDOM - Guarantees the freedom and compliance with the obligations decreed by the Judge while the process is in place.

  • PROVISIONAL CONVICTION - Guarantees the freedom and compliance with the obligations decreed by the Judge to grant freedom, through conditional sentence.

  • DAMAGE REPAIR - Guarantees the payment of compensation for the damage allegedly caused by one individual to another while their legal status is determined before the Public Prosecutor's Office or before the competent judicial authority that gives rise to criminal proceedings.

  • PECUNIARY SANCTION - Guarantees the payment of fines imposed subject to litigation or fines that may be caused in the future, in case of non-compliance with the obligations contracted by the guarantor due to procedures, processes or judicial resolutions.


The noncriminal bonds guarantee before the courts for possible damages and prejudices in processes of diverse matters [family, civil, mercantile], such as Precautionary Provision, Alimony, Labor and Amparo.

Vehicle drivers

The bonds for drivers of vehicles guarantee payment of damages that may be caused to those affected and/or their beneficiaries, as well as the pecuniary sanctions and, where appropriate, their provisional freedom, derived from imprudent events originating in vehicle traffic accidents, in pre-procedural proceedings.

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