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All property business is produced by Lloyd’s of London intermediaries only, and the underwriters have long-term relationships with these broking organisations.
Tokio Marine HCC’s commercial property team is a well-known lead-and-follow market on subscription business and has more than 45 years of combined experience in the London market.


Manufacturing is one of our largest income sources and therefore our underwriters have many years of experience providing tailored coverage to both the very largest multinational corporations and smaller family-run businesses. Having visited numerous plants around the world, our property underwriters understand the key components of manufacturing operations and use this experience to offer bespoke coverage based on the client’s needs in regard to both physical damage and business interruption.


The retail sector is a diverse insurance class as a result of the ever-changing demands of the consumer. We underwrite a diversified retail book ranging from small out-of-town shopping malls to large retail corporations with a worldwide presence. Our property underwriters’ knowledge of this sector lends itself to supplying our customers with a package that will ensure peace of mind in an increasingly competitive market place.

Real Estate

Business real estate is Tokio Marine HCC’s largest business, driven by our underwriters’ ability to satisfy insureds’ requirements for adaptable coverage and pricing. Multi-occupancy office blocks in key financial centres such as Tokyo and New York constitute a large percentage of our real estate portfolio; however, the schedules of smaller real estate management trusts that operate varying types of buildings from apartment blocks to museums make a sizable contribution to our balanced portfolio.


The hotel industry must provide accommodation for everyone from the holidaymaker to the travelling salesperson and as a result is as diverse geographically as it is in size and nature. From the very largest Las Vegas casino hotel to the very smallest chain of motels we strive to offer a product that caters for the often very differing requirements of clients. Our underwriters recognise the competitive aspect of the business and therefore can provide tailored business interruption coverage in the event of a claim.


Due to the sheer number of municipalities throughout the world it is a class of business that a successful property insurance portfolio embraces. Their very nature means their geographical spread of both fire and catastrophe risk is arguably better than any other class of property risk. As the mix of building occupancies is so varied, Tokio Marine HCC underwriters draw on their years of experience to ensure the capacity provided meets the exacting wishes of the assured for both allied and catastrophe perils.

The above list of property occupancies which we offer coverage on is by no means exhaustive. Our property book provides financially sound capacity to a plethora of businesses and our underwriting philosophy ensures that each and every client is treated with the same exacting standards. As a result of our commitment to underwriting discipline, quality of service and strong financial credentials, we continue to enjoy long-term relationships with our clients.


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