Employers can utilize the HCC Risk Solutions Company (HCCRSC) captive to participate in their own positive experience.

Stop loss captives are designed to allow employers to participate or share a layer of pre-determined risk among a larger population. The sharing of the risk layer insulates individual employers from higher claim fluctuations as single claims are absorbed into a larger pooling arrangement. The HCCRSC captive is the ideal vehicle to do just that.

Starting your own captive can be a very time consuming and expensive process. The Tokio Marine HCC - Stop Loss Group Medical Stop Loss captive managed by HCC Risk Solutions Company (a subsidiary of Tokio Marine HCC - Stop Loss Group) allows employers to join an established, financially secure captive without the regulatory requirements and up front expenses.

The Producer Centric Model Captive Option:

Producers can provide valuable guidance to their employer clients by utilizing our Producer Centric Captive where only the producer’s own clients will have access to the segregated cell. The producer sets up the entrance requirements and the rules of the captive. Producers can start their own captive cell with as little as $1.5 million in stop loss premium.

The Starter Cell Model Captive Option:

Producers that have one or two clients interested in captive participation can utilize the HCCRSC Starter Cell Captive. There is no minimum number of lives or amount of premium required to join the starter cell. All producers and employers will have access to the starter cell. It’s an excellent way to get interested employers into an HCCRSC Captive without needing hundreds of insured lives or millions of stop loss premium to get started.

Product Overview

All participants in the Tokio Marine HCC - Stop Loss Group Captive will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of having their stop loss coverage through HCC Life, the country’s leading provider of stop loss insurance. Their policy will act exactly the same. The only difference is that when the captive performs well, the participants own the results.

Medical stop loss is a layer of coverage that provides insurance protection to plans who choose to self-fund their health benefits. Self-funding is an effective approach groups use to reduce costs and maintain control over reserves without sacrificing coverage. In addition to avoiding the overhead costs frequently associated with fully insured plans, self-funded groups also receive some relief from state insurance taxes. However, self-funding can incur a risk from large catastrophic claims and some employers wish to share the risk among a larger population. Medical stop loss coverage through the HCCRSC captive product is designed to protect employers from that risk.

The turnkey captive product includes:

  • Up front capital already provided by Tokio Marine HCC - Stop Loss Group
  • Regulatory compliance support
  • Captive management (seamless and transparent)
  • Leading stop loss underwriting and pricing
  • Preferred banking arrangement with Bank of America
  • HCC Life as fronting carrier ( A+ rated)
  • Reinsurance through HCC Life at no extra cost


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