Crisis Management

Specialty Group's Crisis Management Division is composed of underwriters who specialize in the following areas:

Kidnap and Ransom

The threat of kidnapping and extortion has dramatically increased in the U.S. and abroad, Incidents have occurred with alarming frequency and are not confined to the usual hotspots.  In today’s world, not just companies or families with overseas travel are at risk. Domestic incidents of threats, cyber extortion and workplace violence are on the rise, making this a truly worldwide problem.

Our insurance coverage addresses the concerns of organizations whose employees and corporate assets are at risk, as well as families in the U.S. and overseas. Standard perils of coverage include kidnapping, extortion and detention. Coverage is customarily written on an unrestricted worldwide basis.

Product Contamination

For companies of all sizes, product contamination is a loss exposure that cannot be ignored. Whether the result of criminal acts or simple human error, contaminations are occurring in the U.S. and around the world. Companies that fall victim to these types of incidents often incur staggering costs in damage control and in the restoration of profits and brand reputation.

Restaurant Recovery

Accidental contamination and malicious tampering of food products causes individual restaurants and restaurant groups to lose millions of dollars. This affects not only individual restaurants but also groups of franchisees trading under the same name as the individual restaurant location where the contamination incident occurred.

The policy offers business interruption coverage back to pre-incident sales and also covers brand name rehabilitation costs. Numerous other additional expenses are covered, including recall costs, incident expenses and crisis management advice. Coverage is available to restaurants of any size and single or multi-location enterprises, including individual groups of franchisees.

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