Event Cancellation Insurance


Event cancellation insurance protects revenue or expenses from an event against cancellation, postponement, curtailment, relocation or abandonment of the event for reasons beyond the control of the event organizer. Some of these reasons might include severe adverse weather (hurricanes, tornados, severe winter storms, etc.), venue unavailability (fires, floods, power outages, etc.), threats or acts of terrorism and communicable disease outbreaks.

Specialty Group can provide event cancellation insurance for many events in the U.S., Europe and throughout the world. Our binding authority with Lloyd's of London and strategic alliances with top-rated U.S. carriers enable us to handle the insurance needs of these events, having hundreds of millions of dollars at risk.

Summary of Coverage

  • Based on the gross revenue or expenses for the event
  • Optional coverages may include acts or threats of terrorism, communicable diseases and nuclear / biological / chemical terrorism

Target Insureds

  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Fairs / festivals
  • Major sporting events
  • Trade shows / conventions

Available Limits

  • Based on the projected gross revenues or expenses of the event
  • Up to $85 million in-house capacity

Minimum Premium

  • Coverage for trade shows, conventions, expositions, meetings and seminars can be handled through our TotalEvent® Online quoting system and are subject to a $150 minimum premium. Access Total Event Online for brokers or Total Event Online for direct customers.
  • Coverage for trade shows, conventions, expositions, meetings and seminars can be handled offline as well, and are subject to a $1,500 minimum premium.
  • Coverage for all other types of eligible events is subject to a $2,500 minimum premium.


Tokio Marine HCC affiliated carriers

  • Houston Casualty Company
Other carriers
  • Lexington Insurance Company
  • Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s
(Carrier is based on the type of risk, capacity and location)

Geographic Scope

  • Available worldwide

Head of Underwriting

Sean Curtin
Sr. Vice President, Contingency and SHEL

Underwriting Contact

Mike Thompson 
Vice President, Contingency Underwriting

Business Development Contact

Chelsey Burnell  
Marketing Associate  

Claims Contact

Claims Department (Wakefield, MA)

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