Certainty Through Uncertain Times

Tokio Marine HCC - Stop Loss Group recognizes that the Taft-Hartley union business is notably different from corporate accounts due to its collective bargaining, unique eligibility and actively-at-work provisions. That's why we developed a medical stop loss division specifically dedicated to meeting the unique needs of Taft-Hartley union plans.

Medical stop loss is a layer of coverage that provides insurance protection to union plans who choose to self-fund their health benefits. Self-funding is an effective approach groups use to significantly reduce costs and maintain control over reserves without sacrificing coverage. In addition to avoiding the excessive overhead costs frequently associated with fully-insured plans, self-funded groups also receive some tax benefits from self-funding. However, self-funding can incur a risk from large catastrophic claims. Medical stop loss insurance from Tokio Marine HCC - Stop Loss Group is designed to protect union plans from that risk.

Product Overview

  • Specific (individual) coverage
  • Aggregate (group) coverage
  • Flexible contract terms (e.g. 12/12, 12/15, incurred specific)
  • Straight-forward contract that incorporates the group’s plan document
  • Simultaneous funding
  • Commitment to prompt, responsible claims service
  • Expert medical management resources

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