Our Vision

Good Company

Tokio Marine Group is a global company that is rich in history, diversity and knowledge. To leverage these strengths it is necessary for us to have a shared vision; a common thread that ties us together and makes us recognizable to our customers and the societies we work in around the world. The vision should reveal what we stand for and what we are striving to achieve. 

For Tokio Marine Group that vision is: Good Company

Good Company Banner

When we talk about ‘Good Company’ it is not an evaluation of merely size or market share but rather about the values we aim to represent.  As an organization, our daily focus should be on doing the right thing and always acting for the benefit of our customers and society. We need to work to become a trusted advisor who can deliver a sense of safety and security.  We must think deeply about what will allow us to be chosen, in essence, the reason for our existence as an organization.  By understanding our role and how we can bring value to our customers we will ensure our ongoing relevance (and deliver results as a consequence). This vision can only be realized by having employees who have been empowered and enabled to think and act from our customers’ and business partner’s point of view.

We would like to create a corporate culture where we are always trying to achieve this vision. It is not a journey with a defined destination, rather a timeless endeavor and something that is embedded within the Group regardless of changes in people or changes through time. This is the vision of Good Company. 

We will be there for our customers, playing our part in society in times of need.

We will balance our strength as an organization with compassion as individuals,
looking beyond profit to deliver fully on our commitments. 
Through our collective efforts, we will strive to be a Good Company, living up to the trust placed in us.

Principals of Good Company
Look Beyond Profit

We act with integrity for the benefit of our customers, business partners, and society.

As an insurance company, we always seek what lies beyond profit; that is to say we always give the benefit to our customers, business partners and society.

To realize our business purpose, understand the meaning of our existence, why we do our business this will become the source of our competitiveness.

We must build a strong and vibrant company that is sustainable and for this we need to make a profit.

Empower Our People

We inspire engagement and passion in all of our employees.

As we deal with intangible products and services, our people and the credibility and trust they build with customers are the foundation of our business.

Motivated and proactive people and a dynamic organization are the drivers of Good Company. They produce results by deepening trust and relationships with our customers, business partners, society and colleagues.

We must embrace diversity and create an organization in which all employees are proud to be a part.

Deliver On Commitments

We achieve high quality results by enhancing stakeholder trust.

We are committed to continuously delivering results in the long term.

These results are a consequence and a measure of the trust we have gained from our customers, business partners, shareholders and society. This means that enhancing trust through our daily activities is critical.

We must be driven by our own desire to achieve these results and be accountable for them.