Mind Over Risk

At Tokio Marine HCC, we believe that every risk is as unique as the client who undertakes it. This is why our company is built on lines of specialty insurance, with concentrations of expertise. Our people are empowered to truly underwrite each risk, rather than applying predefined, generic solutions.

In the commoditized world of insurance, this process, combined with our highly rated entities, means the policies we write have real value. It means we will be there when called upon. In other words, it lets our clients take on opportunity with confidence, a process of insurance we call mind over risk.

Our mind over risk insurance process is a smarter way of thinking that unites our teams and distinguishes us from all others in the industry. It is at the heart of our underwriting expertise and our ability to set the industry standard. It is why no matter how complex the issue, we have the know-how to solve it. It means we will be there when called upon. The bottom line: With Tokio Marine HCC, you can advance with confidence.

We Know Specialty Insurance

With deep expertise in our chosen lines of business, our unparalleled track record and a solid balance sheet, Tokio Marine HCC evaluates and manages risk like no one else in the industry.