Frontline Leadership Program

Frontline Leadership Program

Internship Program

The Internship program is a summer Internship that will allow participants to see our company and to explore Underwriting in our regional offices.  It will be an 8 – 10 week program that will show how our Underwriting offices work and give insight to the Company.

This program allows you the opportunity to go to one of our remote offices to see in detail how we do our Medical Stop Loss Underwriting.  Gives you a chance to see the company and learn from one of our top producing offices.   It will also give you the insight and first-hand knowledge that could lead to a placement in our Front Line Leadership program after graduation.

We will place participants in our NW, NE, SE and SW offices for the summer experience.

Frontline Leadership

The Frontline Leadership Program is a comprehensive program designed to support the leadership pipeline. Participants receive support to enable their future success in leadership roles. 
The purpose of the program is to place top talent into a permanent frontline management position upon completion, but no position is guaranteed. 

Interested individual should email current resume to [email protected]

Program Benefits

  • Greater participant exposure within the organization.
  • Improved self-management, relationship management, and business skill management. 
  • Enhanced career management skills with heightened focus on career mobility. 
  • Paid opportunity with full-time employment benefits. This is not an internship.

Learning Objectives

Understand leadership concepts and develop more effective leadership capabilities. 
Improve essential business acumen and career management skills. 
Connect with leaders and peers to improve collaboration and execution across organizational boundaries.