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Electronic Signatures Through DocuSign

Monday, August 29, 2016

Tokio Marine HCC – Stop Loss Group is pleased to announce the integration of DocuSign eSignature into our policy application and approval process.

DocuSign, a globally trusted service for electronic signatures, allows our administration representatives to submit policy documents to producers for electronic review and digital signing. With this functionality, the manual document routing and signing process is replaced with a fully-automated approval workflow that is easy to use, secure and completely digital.

Here's how it works:

The administration representative emails policy documents to your organization through a DocuSign “envelope.” Once the envelope is received, an individual at your location initiates an approval workflow by assigning the individuals who will review and/or digitally sign the documents. Once all the signatures are received, all parties in the review and approval process will receive electronic copies of the final documents.

DocuSign offers producers the following benefits:

  • Your document approval process becomes paperless, no longer requiring staff to manually sign, print, scan or e-mail documents.
  • Business transactions are processed quicker with reduced costs.
  • Signatures are consistently legible in each of the designated areas of the policy documents.
  • Documents can be signed from multiple devices: PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Document workflow is flexible to allow multiple signing options, rerouting and voiding when needed.
  • Document recipients do not require training, special hardware, logins or passwords to use the service.
  • Document integrity is protected with encrypted delivery and secured storage.