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Tokio Marine HCC - Specialty Group (“TMHCC”) and Hornitos Tequila Offer Fans a $ 1 Million Swing of a Lifetime at Oracle Park

By Tokio Marine HCC - Specialty Group On a lively August morning at Oracle Park in San Francisco, Hornitos Tequila with support from Tokio Marine HCC - Specialty Group, brought 11 lucky fans to the field for a chance to win $1,000,000. With more tension than a bottom of the ninth inning, bases loaded at bat, each individual stepped to the plate to take their swing at a life-changing prize.  hornitos

The “Take your Shot” promotion, creatively conceived by the Hornitos Tequila brand management team from Beam Suntory, encouraged individuals to step out of their comfort zone and articulate their aspirations. Entrants were asked to share their visions or 'shots' in life worth taking. The chosen participants were then given the opportunity to win a cash prize that could help bring these visions to life. With the support of the San Francisco Giants, the event aimed to inspire boldness and originality, mirroring the ethos of Hornitos Tequila.

The lucky 11 participants were treated to an unforgettable day at the Giants’ beautiful oceanside ballpark before being brought to home plate for three fateful swings at the big prize. Any individual who knocked a “Splash Hit'' home run into the San Francisco Bay would win $1 million, while any individual that hit a traditional home run would win $100,000. 

TMHCC played a pivotal role in making this captivating contest a reality. The Prize Indemnity team worked diligently with Beam Suntory to tailor a million-dollar insurance policy that fit within budgetary requirements, while maintaining the exciting spirit of the contest aligned with the image of Hornitos Tequila.

A representative from TMHCC made the trip to San Francisco from the company headquarters in Boston. They took a hands-on role in explaining the rules to the participants and ensuring that the contest took place without a hitch. 

And how did the actual contest go? No one clubbed a splash hit into the bay at McCovey Cove for the million-dollar prize, but one participant shocked everyone in attendance by walloping a traditional home run over the fence just shy of the water, winning a prize worth $100,000. 

Beam Suntory also saw the event as a smashing success for Hornitos Tequila. The eye-catching million-dollar prize helped dramatically increase customer engagement, with a 1500% increase in contest entries compared to industry-standard promotions. Overall, the campaign generated an impressive 1.5 million impressions through TV, in-stadium, digital, social, and sampling activities.

The result left both the organizers and the client thrilled. The qualifying theme of aspirations matched with a successful hit made the event a memorable and rewarding experience for the event participants, Beam Suntory, and TMHCC.

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