Allied Medical - Miscellaneous Malpractice

Tokio Marine HCC's Allied Medical Malpractice insurance offers some of the broadest coverage on the market with a wide range of limits for Professional and General Liability.


    • e-MD® provides cyber liability coverage for breach notification, network security and privacy liability, data recovery costs, and media liability
    • MEDEFENSE™ Plus provides essential defense cost and fines and penalties reimbursement coverage for billing errors proceedings, as well as HIPAA, EMTALA, and STARK proceedings.

Best For

  • Home Health Agencies
  • Medical and Day Spas
  • Medical and NEMT Transportation
  • Nurse Registries / Medical Staffing
  • Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab
  • Dental Clinics
  • Health and Fitness Centers

Summary of Coverage

Unique features include the addition of our e-MD® and MEDEFENSE™ Plus coverages by endorsement. e-MD® provides cyber liability coverage for patient notification and credit monitoring costs, network security and privacy liability, data recovery costs, media liability and much more.


MEDEFENSE™ Plus provides insureds with essential coverage for billing errors and HIPAA, EMTALA, or STARK violations.


Sexual Misconduct coverage is also available by endorsement.


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Why Tokio Marine HCC?

Tokio Marine HCC is a leading specialty insurance group with offices in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Europe, transacting business in approximately 180 countries and underwriting more than 100 classes of specialty insurance. Our products and capabilities set the standard for the industry, and many of our almost 3,000 employees are industry-leading experts. Each of our highly entrepreneurial businesses are equipped to underwrite special situations, companies and individuals, and acts autonomously to deliver effective solutions.