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Avemco Personal Aircraft - Owned

We offer a wide range of liability and hull coverage options.


Avemco is the US’s only direct aircraft insurer for pilots who fly their own aircraft for personal business and pleasure. It’s also the only insurer that connects you directly with an underwriter empowered to make decisions, solve problems and approve coverage based on your individual situation, not what some rulebook says.

We offer a wide range of liability and hull coverage options for single-engine land, including light sport, multi-engine land, seaplanes, gliders and experimental aircraft


  • Aircraft Owner's Insurance
  • Homebuilt Insurance
  • Aircraft Trader Insurance
  • Save up to 25% on your annual premium for all owned products*

Best for

  • Aircraft Owners
  • Piston-powered single and twin engine aircraft
  • Gliders
  • Light Sport
  • Kit (homebuilt)
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