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Credit limit cancellations are not only frustrating for a credit manager but can also impact a business's bank financing. Tokio Marine HCC - Credit Group is a leading provider of Top Account & Named Buyer coverage protecting account receivables from non-payment due to commercial or political events. Our Top Account & Named Buyer policyholders are looking for catastrophic coverage on account receivables that in the event of default may have a devastating impact. We provide coverage for those seeking protection from a select portfolio of buyers that may represent a large portion of the company's sales or where a concentration of risk exists.

Best for

  • Manufacturers 
  • Trading Companies 
  • Service Providers 
  • Wholesalers 
  • Distributors 


  • Generally ground up underwriting with no deductible 
  • Non-cancellable limits 
  • Up to 90% indemnity 
  • No buyer limit or collection fees 
  • Minimum premium of $25,000 
  • Multi-year policies 
  • Broker commission of 20% for the first year and, 17.5% for each corresponding renewal 
  • Pre-shipment, advance payment and consignment coverage available 
  • $50 million maximum line for any one risk 
  • Worldwide scope 
  • Responsiveness of a dual underwriting platform with experts in New York and London  
  • Emphasis on building a customer relationship and a long-term partnership 
  • Superior claims management processing and customer service 

Summary of coverage

  • Often includes no DCL underwriting authority or policy deductible 
  • Coverage is limited to key customers resulting in a simplified approach to obtaining favorable financing terms 
  • Admitted in all 50 states 

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Blake Weber

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Why choose Tokio Marine HCC?

Tokio Marine HCC is a leading specialty insurance group with offices in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Europe, transacting business in approximately 180 countries and underwriting more than 100 classes of specialty insurance.

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