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Captive Stop Loss

Controls the severity of risk in a self-funded program through a stop loss captive.

Stop Loss Captives are an excellent way for employers to help control overall healthcare costs. TMHCC Stop Loss Captives provide protection for employers who are looking for more control of their healthcare dollars.

High-cost claims are more prevalent than ever and being self-funded still carries risk. Sharing your risk via a stop loss captive can insulate employers from fluctuations and volatility in claims by joining together with other like-minded employers.

Tokio Marine HCC – Stop Loss Group offers an approach that gives captive member employers some needed protection for their healthcare dollars. Through partnerships with top-tier captive management partners and top-of-industry back-room experts, TMHCC provides a full-service stop loss solution.

How does it work? The employer pays its premium and a predetermined portion is placed in the captive to cover potential claims. If a claim exceeds the captive’s specific deductible, HCC Life will accept the full exposure. Any premiums remaining in the captive at the end of the treaty year are distributed to the member groups as profit.

Our stop loss captive development model offers every function a stop loss captive needs:

  • Stop loss policies direct with the member groups
  • Flexibility in utilizing the most sensible captive cell facility, including the option to utilize TMHCC’s HCC Captive Solutions, based in Tennessee
  • Captive management through trusted partners or using TMHCC’s internal expertise
  • Regulatory, compliance and legal expertise including all captive agreements/contracts
  • Full back-room capabilities

Our underwriters are all regional experts with many years of experience with captives. They are supported by a team of experts in accounting, law and compliance to ensure smooth operations however your client’s captive is designed. Flexibility is a cornerstone of TMHCC Stop Loss captive solutions.  We offer solutions that will fit nearly any employer’s, broker’s or captive manager’s needs.  Our experience and industry leading expertise provides the backbone for long term stop loss captive success. 

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Tony Minnich

Vice President - Captives

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Captive Senior Account Executive

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Captive Markets Analyst

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