Miscellaneous E&O for Medical Billers

Miscellaneous E&O for Medical Billers is uniquely designed for medical billers, coders and other revenue cycle management professionals in the healthcare industry and provides coverage for services to unrelated third party clients.


  • Limits Up To:
    E&O: $5,000,000; Cyber Secure: $1,000,000; MEDEFENSE® Plus: $1,000,000
  • Minimum Premium: $3,000
  • Minimum Deductible: $2,500
  • Claims Made Policy
  • Duty to Defend (not for MEDEFENSE® Plus)
  • Prior Acts Available
  • Policy form provides personal and advertising injury coverage 

Summary of Coverage

This program is for Medical Billers & Coders who provide services for a fee to clients/third parties. It provides three insurance products in one policy:

  • Misc. E&O - Coverage for third party claims arising out of a Wrongful Act in the performance of or failure to perform Medical Billing & Coding Services.
  • Cyber Secure - Cyber Liability coverage for first and third party claims as a result of a network security or privacy breach.
  • MEDEFENSE® Plus - Coverage for defense costs, audit expenses, and civil fines and penalties arising out of a regulatory action alleging Billing Errors, HIPAA, EMTALA and/or STARK Violations. 

Why Tokio Marine HCC?

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