Organ Transplant

Organ transplants are very expensive, life-saving procedures. Fortunately, Tokio Marine HCC and HCC Life Insurance Company offers a solution for self-funded employers. By providing a fully-insured policy in conjunction with the employer sponsored health plan, employers are able to shift covered transplant services to this fully-insured arrangement and insure them in a more cost advantageous manner.  


  • The policy covers all major organ and tissue transplants.1
  • Coverage begins at evaluation and remains in effect for up to 365 days post-transplant.  100% of all covered transplant services are included when an in-network provider is utilized.2
  • Stand-alone fully-insured product designed especially for self-funded groups
  • Works in conjunction with any stop loss coverage
  • Discount to stop loss rates offered by most stop loss carriers
  • Protects employer from catastrophic expenses resulting from transplant exposure
  • Administered through TPAs and BUCAs
  • Offers solution to transplant related lasers and rate loads from stop loss carriers
  • Provides higher level of benefits for transplant patients (no deductible or out of pocket expenses)
  • Produces high degree of patient satisfaction from interaction with internal nurse care management team
  • Lifetime maximum options of $1,000,000, $2,000,000 and Unlimited
  • Up to $15,000 travel benefit paid at $300 per day
  • $5,000 indemnity benefit paid directly to covered patient post-transplant
  • Direct payment to providers
  • Access to major transplant facilities 
  1. Heart, Lung/Double Lung, Kidney, Pancreas, Liver, Intestine, Heart/Lung, Kidney/Pancreas, Kidney/Liver, Liver/Intestine, Liver/Pancreas/Intestine, Autologous Bone Marrow Peripheral Stem Cell, Allogenic Bone Marrow - Peripheral Stem Cell - Cord Blood
  2. All transplant services, including evaluation, listing and transplant, are subject to medical review and approval.

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