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Permanent Total Disability

In many cases, high-earning individuals do not have enough disability insurance to protect their incomes. This coverage protects the earning capacity of highly compensated individuals.


Typical individual and group disability insurance policies are great for most employees but for high-earning individuals such as athletes, entertainers and executives, the cover can be insufficient.

Ensuring that these individuals receive the compensation they are entitled to, requires a tailored approach. Our prestige disability insurance products helps provide the excess protection that is missing from the traditional disability market, ensuring that your star players will be well protected, whatever happens.

Best for

  • Current or projected professional athletes
  • Professional sports teams / leagues
  • Executives
  • Entertainers and entertainment industry professionals
  • Individuals with high net worth


  • Three to five year policy periods
  • Five year benefit periods
  • Limits of up to $100 million are available and higher limits may be available upon request
  • Own occupation definition
  • Residual rider option available
  • Worldwide coverage

Summary of coverage

Tokio Marine HCC - Specialty Group's Permanent Total Disability (PTD) coverage protects the earning capacity of highly-compensated individuals. Often referred to as “career ending” insurance, PTD coverage pays a stated lump sum benefit once the elimination period has been satisfied. Coverage is often purchased by an athlete, entertainer or executive for his or her own benefit. This coverage can also be purchased by a third party on behalf of an individual with whom they have a vested interest.


Permanent Total Disability (PTD) insurance covers individual athletes or team players against permanent injuries or illnesses that prevent them from continuing in the sport. PTD will pay a lump sum amount to the athlete after 12 consecutive months of disability. For team-owned coverage, our PTD policy can be linked to a Temporary Total Disability (TTD) contract, to be payable after monthly benefits cease.


A singer whose career just entered the fast lane gets into a devastating car accident. Her injuries permanently prevent her from performing. Concerts are cancelled, a movie deal is shelved, her recording contract is breached and her income comes to a screeching halt.

When top-level entertainers suffer permanent disability, they don't suffer alone. With an established worldwide reputation, these icons have a circle of individuals who depend upon them. If entertainers can't perform their own occupation, it's important that their Permanent Total Disability (PTD) coverage has the substantial limits their star-power requires.


When top-level executives suffer a permanent disability, they don't suffer alone. Whether an individual or corporation purchases this coverage, it is important to protect their family's income or the corporate revenue. With an established reputation, these executives have many people who depend on them. If these executives can't perform their own occupation, it's critical that Permanent Total Disability (PTD) coverage is in place and has substantial limits to replace their lost income.

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