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USSIC Aviation

USSIC Aviation is a market leader for general aviation insurance for both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft, airport liability and special risks.  We operate through appointed agents across the United States. A full listing of these agents can be found by using the “locate an agent” tab..

HC Aviation

HC Aviation writes a combination of international and U.S. commercial aviation business with a primary focus on large commercial business and internationally based risks. HC Aviation is a domestic market leader on many fixed wing cargo and rotor wing risks. The bulk of the HC Aviation account, however, is written internationally.

Lines of business include:

Airport Liabilities
Charter, Cargo, Aerial Photography
Commercial Operations
Corporate Aircraft

International Aviation
Military, Government, Law Enforcement
Rotor Wing Aircraft
Special Risks


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HC Aviation

13403 Northwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77040
Telephone: (713) 462 1000
Facsimile: (713) 744 9666


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