Environmental social and governance

Belong at TMHCC

Our responsibility goes beyond profit. TMHCC recognises the wider impact we can have to help our communities and employees thrive with confidence.


Supporting our employees’ charity efforts

We are exceptionally proud of our charity programme that unites the initiatives we undertake across the business, partnering with charities, fundraising, volunteering and raising awareness. We help our employees support the causes that matter to them in a variety of ways:

  • Employees can take up to two days of paid leave for volunteering.
  • TMHCC offers matched fundraising to employees taking on challenges for causes close to their hearts.
  • Give As You Earn enables employees to donate via payroll to any registered charity and TMHCC matches every donation by 50%.
  • We have a dedicated CSR team and active charity committees to ensure there are regular events, initiatives and volunteering opportunities for all employees to engage with.
Earth Day Barcelona 2023

Volunteering at the Llobregat Delta, Barcelona, Spain

“We were pleased to see that our actions are working and people are aware that we need to take care of our environment.” - TMHCC volunteer at Llobregat Delta, Barcelona

Our Spanish branch volunteered at the Llobregat Delta for Earth Day. The protected natural area is one of the most important wetlands in Spain.


Volunteering at Evergreen Adventure Playground

“I had a fantastic time yesterday; it was such a privilege to help out and make a small difference to some people that need it ” - TMHCC volunteer.

We volunteered at Evergreen Adventure Playground, keeping it a safe and exciting environment for children in the local area. 

Workplace Group

Driving positive change and employee empowerment

Our Workplace Group is at the forefront of driving positive change and employee empowerment.

The group is responsible for driving DEI, employee wellbeing, and learning and development. This employee-led group empowers our people to provide bold ideas and solutions at every level. From hosting panel discussions around important topics such as fertility to celebrating neurodiversity, our approach to inclusion and wellbeing offers individuals the chance to celebrate and connect with others, building a strong community where everyone can BELONG.

Celebrating Pride Month

“It is so great that our company celebrates pride month, promoting acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.” - a TMHCC participant UK.

At TMHCC, we celebrated this awareness month with thought-provoking and fun activities including drag bingo!

Social Committee

Making connections

While our work is important, we believe that internal social events can be just as crucial, allowing team members to form new connections in an informal setting. From pasta making to ice skating, our Social Committee puts on a whole host of incredible events every year.


Paint-a-long social

"I had so much fun painting my picture! It was really nice to take part in something like this with my colleagues." - TMHCC paint-a-long attendee

Our Social Committee events allow employees to connect in a fun environment.


When you BELONG, you feel safe. You feel seen. You feel part of a community.

At TMHCC, we want to give you different avenues for your passions and interests, and for making connections with your colleagues in a way that is fun, nurturing and relevant to the world in which we live. That is what belonging is all about.