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Contractual Bonus

Offer your highest performers the high-end bonus they deserve without impacting your balance sheet through our Contractual Bonus policy.


Offer bonus incentives to your players, teams, or executives for excellent performance on the biggest stages. If they fulfill their end of the contract, our contractual bonus insurance policy can save you from taking a financial loss. We’ll work with you to create a program that motivates and inspires your best people to be even better. If they reach their goal, it's a win-win situation. They win by receiving an attractive bonus, and you win by reaping the rewards of their improved performance.

With our support, that reward won’t adversely impact your financial performance for the year.


  • Covers a corporation or a firm’s contractual obligation to award contingent bonuses to athletes or entertainers for achieving certain milestones outlined in their contract
  • Policy term and limit can vary to match the exposure of the buyer
  • Terms, conditions and exclusions are flexible to match the terms of the contract

Best for

  • Corporate sponsors
  • Entertainment companies
  • Film studios with budgets of $10 million and more
  • Production firms
  • Sports teams

Summary of coverage

Contractual bonus insurance is coverage that is typically purchased by corporate sponsors, sports teams and entertainment companies to give professional athletes and entertainers an additional financial incentive in their contract to achieve a certain result. For example, a sponsor could offer a professional athlete an extra $500,000 for every major championship that they win. In this case, the risk of the additional $500,000 would be transferred to the insurance policy.

Companies can use Tokio Marine HCC's bonus performance coverage to offer bonuses that are off the charts to performers who stay on top of the charts. Use incentives to achieve superior performance, gain better visibility and build stronger revenues.

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