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Level Funded

Level Funded Stop Loss provides a unique pathway for fully insured clients to migrate to self-funding. It establishes a fixed monthly budget for claims coverage within the employers self-funded health plan, transparency into health care spend, increased benefit flexibility, no lasers, and 100% recoupment of unused claims funds. In an effort to meet our clients’ unique benefit needs, this stop loss product provides a combination of predictability, savings, flexibility and control.

How does Level Funded Stop Loss Work? 

  • Employers pay a monthly stop loss premium and a PEPM amount equal to its Monthly Aggregate Deductible to cover claims
  • If the total actual claims costs exceed the accumulation of the employer's Monthly Aggregate Deductible paid at any time during the policy period, the stop loss policy reimburses the balance
  • Any remaining Monthly Aggregate Deductible amounts at the end of the contract are retained by the employer

Benefits of Level Funded Stop Loss:

  • Provides predictable monthly cash flow
  • Financially rewarded for low claims costs and retain all unused funds
  • Flexibility in plan design, contract type and network
  • Control and transparency in employers’ health plans

Our Differences

Low Max Cost
  • Level Funded Stop Loss combines underwriting methodologies of both fully insured and self-funding, creating a lower maximum obligation for the client.
  • No Lasers.
  • Our Level Funded Stop Loss is an aggregate only product, does not contain lasers or split funded liabilities. We are committed to offering all clients a non-laser renewal, while still providing an unlimited maximum per person.
  • Producers and Third-Party Administrator (TPA) partners have the flexibility to be creative in the schedule of benefits.
  • Ability to incorporate market leading point solutions and Pharmacy Benefit Managers.
  • Ability to incorporate payment arrangements using Reference Based Pricing and/or traditional PPO networks.
  • Transparency and Control.
  • Clients know their exact claims cost.
  • Claims are reimbursed daily resulting in no cash calls. All unused Monthly Aggregate Deductibles are retained by the client regardless if they renew or terminate.
Flexible Contracts
  • Clients can elect contracts that include run-out, such as 12/18 or 12/24. They can also elect to minimize first year expenses by electing a 12/12, which allows them to renew with run-in protection.
  • TLO is an optional provision for contracts without run-out protection.
Underwriting Guidelines

Case Size

  • 25 employees required to quote, varies to comply with state laws and regs.

Participation Requirements

  • 75% participation of all eligible employees is required.

Ineligible Industries.

  • PEOs, MEWAs, Associations
  • Long haul trucking
  • Employee leasing firms
  • Tribal owned firms
  • Bars and Casinos

Quote Requests Must Include:

  • Member census of all employees
  • Current Schedule of Benefits
  • Current rates and, if available, renewal rates
  • All available claims experience.

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