Environmental social and governance

Our responsibility goes beyond profit.

TMHCC recognises the wider impact we can have to help our communities thrive with confidence.

Our charity program pillars

TMHCC in the community

Volunteering at Evergreen Adventure Playground

Stepney City Farm

Volunteering at Stepney City Farm, London, UK

“I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering! The charity is clearly a very important aspect of the community and I was happy to be able to help in a small way.” – TMHCC volunteer at Stepney City Farm, London “We couldn't manage the site without volunteers, and the TMHCC team made a huge contribution with some big tasks!” - Stepney City Farm, London

TMHCC volunteered with Stepney City Farm for Earth Day. Volunteer support is essential for the environmental charity and maintaining this community space.

Womens day 2023

International Women's Day, London, UK

“Raising awareness and celebrating success helps to foster an inclusive company culture.” - TMHCC volunteer about International Women’s Day

At TMHCC, we want to share the passion and excitement that comes from valuing and supporting difference.


Supporting our employees’ charity efforts

We know our employees have different causes they want to support for personal and moving reasons. We offer several ways to support them in helping other people:

  • Employees can take up to two days of paid leave for volunteering.
  • TMHCC offers matched fundraising to employees taking on challenges for causes close to their hearts.
  • Give As You Earn enables employees to donate via payroll to any registered charity and TMHCC matches every donation by 50%.
  • We have a dedicated CSR team and active charity committees to ensure there are regular events, initiatives and volunteering opportunities for all employees to engage with.

Here are some of the charities we support: 

Charity Logos

Earth Day Barcelona 2023

Volunteering at the Llobregat Delta, Barcelona, Spain

“We were pleased to see that our actions are working and people are aware that we need to take care of our environment.” - TMHCC volunteer at Llobregat Delta, Barcelona

Our Spanish Branch volunteered at the Llobregat Delta for Earth Day. The protected natural area is one of the most important wetlands in Spain.

Cancer Visit

Young Lives vs Cancer, UK

“The TMHCC project donation enabled us to offer grants to families to cope with the cost of living crisis such as fuel, heating, food, etc. Young Lives vs Cancer are able to contribute funds towards essential costs for whatever hardships the families may be facing to help them cope during the toughest of times.” – Young Lives Vs Cancer

TMHCC’s Pick A Project initiative gives employees the opportunity to vote to fund a specific project for a charity.

More about TMHCC in the Community

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