PMR Clauses

PI PMR Clauses

PMR 003Asbestos & Toxic Mould Extension 
PMR 005Asbestos Extension 
PMR 006Bailiffs Clause
PMR 007Bodily Injury / Property Damage Exclusion 
PMR 008Bodily Injury Exclusion 
PMR 009Collateral Warranty Extension 
PMR 010Defence Body Warranty 
PMR 012Cover Restriction - Re-Performing & Rectification 
PMR 014Estate /Letting Agents, Property Mgrs - Ireland 
PMR 015Finance Brokers Clause 
PMR 016General Exclusion 
PMR 017Higher Limits Warranty 
PMR 018Investment Services Exclusion
PMR 021Products Clause 
PMR 022Survey & Valuations Exclusion 
PMR 023Seepage & Pollution Extension 
PMR 024Sourcing Of Products 
PMR 026Toxic Mould Extension
PMR 027Trees & Vegetation Reports Excess Clause 
PMR 028Variable Excess Clause 
PMR 029Wood Preservers & Damp Proofers - Products Extensi 
PMR 030Pollution, Asbestos & Toxic Mould Extension 
PMR 033Marine Survey Clause 
PMR 035Fidelity Extension 
PMR 036Compliance Endorsement 
PMR 037Non-Rics Variation And Restriction 
PMR 039Rics Pollution Extension (Aoc) 
PMR 040Rics Pollution Extension (Agg) 
PMR 041Run-Off Clause 
PMR 043Non-Ica Endorsement 
PMR 044Costs Of Criminal Proceedings 
PMR 047Pollution Extension - Aggregate 
PMR 048: Partners Previous Business Extension 
PMR 049Asbestos Extension - Inner Limit
PMR 050Costs Inclusive Excess 
PMR 051Housing Grants, Construction And Regeneration Act 
PMR 052Bodily Injury / Property Damage - Aggregate 
PMR 053Professional Body Mandatory Pi Rules Difference In 
PMR 054Retroactive Date Endorsement 
PMR 055Asbestos Extension - Inner Limit - Rics 
PMR 056Asbestos Extension 
PMR 057Healthcare Professions Clause 
PMR 058Costs Inclusive Excess
PMR 060Oea/Nals Awards Extension 
PMR 061Structural Waterproofing & Tanking Exclusion 
PMR 062Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Exclusion 
PMR 065Indemnity To Principals Clause 
PMR 070Investment Advice Aggregation Clause 
PMR 071Noting The Interests Of Clients 
PMR 072Trust Company Endorsement 
PMR 073Sales Promotion Endorsement 
PMR 074Biat Endorsement 
PMR 075Cover Restriction - Re-Performing & Rectification 
PMR 076Contractors Extension 
PMR 077:Contractors Extension 2
PMR 078Fsa Extension Rics - Fs 
PMR 079Fsa Extension Rics - General
PMR 080Fsa Extension Insurance & Mortgage 
PMR 081: Fsa Extension General Insurance Activities 
PMR 084Fidelity Extension 
PMR 086Construction & Erection 
PMR 091Cover Restriction - Re-Performing & Rectification (It)
PMR 092Compensation For Court Attendance 
PMR 093Asbestos Extension - Inner Limit 
PMR 094North American Jurisdiction Clause 
PMR 097Overseas Jurisdiction Clause (exlcuding USA / Canada)
PMR 098Healthcare Professions Clause - Animals 
PMR 099Foster Agency Warranty 
PMR 100Indemnity To Self Employed Persons Clause 
PMR 103Water Management Society - Products Extension
PMR 108Fsa Extension (Ea General Insurance) 
PMR 109Fsa Extension (Ea General Insurance & Mortgage) 
PMR 111Iosh - Costs Of Criminal Proceedings Cover Restriction 
PMR 112Overseas Property Agents 
PMR 115Estate & Letting Agents Endorsement 
PMR 116Tpo/Nals Awards Extension 
PMR 117Tpo/Nals Awards Extension
PMR 118Investment Advice Excess 
PMR 120Home Condition Report Exclusion 
PMR 121Rj Hurst Asbestos Extension - Inner Limit
PMR 122Costs Inclusive Excess (Iosh) 
PMR 127Pollution Extension - Aggregate Sub-Limit
PMR 128Costs Of Criminal Proceedings Indemnity Limit Amendment 
PMR 130Costs Of Criminal Proceedings Extension 
PMR 132Information Technology Endorsement - For Use With Pmr Media Civil
PMR 133Information Technology Endorsement Media Civil Aoc 0910
PMR 144Cyber Endorsement - For Use With It Civil 
PMR 145Cyber Endorsement - For Use With Media Civil 
PMR 149Cyber Endorsement : For Use with Misc Civil AOC 
PMR 164: Cyber Endorsement : For Use with Misc Civil AOC : PMR IT Civil AOC
PMR 181: Rolling Monthly Policy Endorsement 
PMR 197PMR CYBER ENDORSEMENT (for use with PMR EA wordings)~
PMR 203DIC - Architects & Engineers Applicable to PMR AR EN Civil 01 11
PMR 205DIC - Estate Agents Applicable to PMR EA Civil AOC 01 11
PMR 206DIC - Accountants Applicable to PMR ICA AOC 01 11
PMR 207DIC – Information Technology Applicable to PMR IT Civil AOC 06 13
PMR 208: DIC – Media Applicable to PMR Media Civil AOC 01 11
PMR 209DIC – Management Consultants & Miscellaneous Applicable to PMR Mgt Cons Civil AOC 01 11 & PMR Misc Civil AOC 01 11
PMR 211DIC – Surveyors Applicable to PMR RICS 02 11
PMR 212Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 For use with HCC PMR RICS wordings
PMR 213Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and TPO / NALS award amendment clause
PMR 221: Variable Excess Clause - Probate and or Estate Administration Work 
PMR 226: Intellectual Property Exclusion 
PMR 228: Cyber Extension
PMR 246International Sanctions Clause
PMR 249Insurance Act 2015 – Difference in conditions clause
PMR 375: Cladding Combustibility Exclusion

PMR 543: Sub-contractor warranty - D&C

PMR 575: Combustibility and Fire Safety Exclusion