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Tokio Marine HCC Underwriter Q+A with Adrian Farnell, Liability Underwriting Manager Professional Risks North

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Here at Tokio Marine HCC, we have great people in our teams across London and the regions with valuable experience and expertise. To get to know our experts a bit better, we’ll be profiling a series of Q+As. This edition is the turn of Adrian Farnell, our Manchester Liability Underwriting Manager Professional Risks North.

What do you think the insurance industry will look like in 2028?  

That’s a difficult question to answer - we could have issues caused by Brexit, changes in our legislation, an increased number of MGAs, climate change, driverless vehicles, more online platforms and products, etc. and these developments would have a substantial impact on the industry and how it operates.  

While 2028 is a long way away, I do know that as a market, we will need to embrace these changes and show that the Insurance sector can continue to innovate and handle what’s thrown at it in an efficient and professional manner, as it’s done throughout history.  

What do you bring to Tokio Marine HCC in your role?  

I bring local market knowledge and technical experience gathered by working in the Liability/Contractors sector since 1989. Although the industry has changed significantly since then, some things, like having a pragmatic approach to problem-solving for a broker, remains key today. I’d say that this has probably been most key to developing better relationships with our brokers and better serving their business needs.  

How important do you think market awareness is for carrying out your job?

It’s absolutely essential to the role! Having an awareness of what your competition is doing, both product and pricing wise, can help you adapt and stay ahead of the game. It’s so important to know what’s coming around the next curve, and although the insurance industry is constantly evolving, you can’t afford to stand still for too long.  

Market awareness is a key part to both writing good quality new business and retaining the risks that you need to.  

What does an ideal Saturday afternoon look like for you?  

A perfect Saturday has to be having a couple of beers with friends and then a trip to the Etihad to see the “Mighty Blues” triumph over whoever they’re playing!  

Get in touch with Adrian to learn more about Tokio Marine HCC’s Professional Risks Liability and Contractors All Risks cover:  

Adrian Farnell
Liability Underwriting Manager Professional Risks North
Manchester, England
+44 (0)161 393 6688
[email protected]

This article does not represent personal advice or any recommendation. Please seek advice from your Insurance Broker who will be happy to look at your individual business needs and circumstances.  

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