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Update on UK High Court Ruling of FCA's Business Interruption Test Case

Thursday, September 17, 2020
You will have seen that the High Court has published the outcome of the FCA’s Business Interruption test case. Whilst we are reviewing the judgment and its implications, this will take time to complete due to the length and complexity of the ruling.
We will aim to provide policyholders who have made a claim or complaint with a more detailed written explanation of our decision about their particular claim or complaint as soon as possible.  Please note that a further hearing will be held in October before the same Judges. That hearing will consider whether there will be an appeal, what the appeal may cover, and whether the appeal will proceed straight to the Supreme Courts.  We will continue to update our website upon further developments.  

For more information on the case and judgement please visit the FCA website:

In addition there is also useful information at the Association of British Insurers’ link below: