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Celebrating Our Company Heritage

A glance at Tokio Marine HCC’s history: 

Founded in 1879, Tokio Marine Group operates in Japan as well as in 46 countries and regions worldwide, with 267 subsidiaries and 26 affiliates. Amongst the latter, Tokio Marine HCC, formed in 2015 after Tokio Marine Group acquired HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. Today, the Group employs more than 43,000 employees around the world.


It is important for us as a company to share our heritage internally as it helps build a unified identity across our international operations. It is also both interesting and exciting to find out about different cultures. Below are some of our recent activites to celebrate and educate our employees on Japanese culture.  

Tokio Marine HCC International (TMHCCI) proudly sponsored the Japan Matsuri 2023, on Sunday 1 October, which celebrated Japanese culture.

The festival took place in one of the most iconic landmarks in central London, Trafalgar Square, with food, music, dance and activities for all the family. The annual cultural festival was supported by the Embassy of Japan in the UK as well as The Japan Foundation.

As part of the Tokio Marine Group, one of the world’s leading insurance companies, TMHCCI encouraged our employees to attend this year’s Japan Matsuri to honour and celebrate our company’s heritage. See some photos from our employees below.

JAPAN MATSURI 2023_Mikoshi Procession 1  JAPAN MATSURI 2023_Mikoshi Procession 5

Earlier this year, our UK Social Committee, hosted a Japanese Night, in collaboration with members of our Japanese Business branch in London. The social evening celebrated Japanese culture, including traditional music, drinks, food, and games.


Japanese night 4  Japanese night 3


The event began with a traditional ‘Kagami-biraki’ ceremony. Literally translating to the opening of a sake barrel, it is often performed at celebratory events. A wooden mallet is used to break the lid (kagami) and open (biraki) the barrel. Sake from the barrel is then shared with everyone present, in a gesture of hospitality and unity.


Hideki Mishima, Chief Underwriting Officer – Japanese Business, explained the meaning behind the ceremony to guests. And then he, along with Thibaud Hervy, Chief Underwriting Officer – Specialty Lines, and Emily Naidoo, Global Service Operations Manager for Japanese Business, broke open the barrel and got the evening started.


To a backdrop of Japanese music and an assortment of Japanese food, colleagues from across the business socialised while enjoying the various activities offered: calligraphy, origami and kendama (a ball and cup game) which all proved very popular.


Japanese night 1  Japanese night 2

We look forward to similar future events! 

Eva Merpillat
Eva Merpillat

CSR Assistant

Ashley Rice
Ashley Rice

CSR Manager