Thursday 29 September 2022 - Community Minded

Our Charity Programme

At TMHCC International, we believe in supporting the local communities in which we operate to make a lasting difference and as part of our ‘To Be a Good Company’ vision. We do this by supporting charities that operate on a local level, both financially and through initiatives that engage, educate, and inspire our employees to generate positive change. As an organisation, our daily focus is on doing the right thing and always acting for the benefit of our customers and society.

Our charity programme is structured on four pillars, that link to our wider ESG agenda, to provide focus and direction. We carefully select charity partners for each pillar who we work proactively with to deliver impactful projects.

Charity Programme Diagram

By partnering with charities for multiple years, we can fully develop our relationship and are able to support them in a variety of ways. We engage our employees with our charity partners by offering fundraising, volunteering, and raising awareness opportunities throughout the year.

In addition to our formal partnerships, we make several donations to charities, responding to the challenges our communities face, and in support of our employees’ personal fundraising efforts for causes close to their hearts.


Our UK Charity Partners

Community Development: Helping young people from disadvantage backgrounds.

The Wickers

A grassroots charity based in Hackney, The Wickers Charity aims to give young people a safe and positive space to interact and learn. Supporting eight to 18-year-olds from deprived backgrounds, they offer a range of classes, workshop and events from their community hub, such as art and design classes, boxing training and career coaching.

Diversity and Inclusion: Improving education around prejudice, racism and biases.

Facing History and Ourselves

Working with teachers across the UK by creating engaging resources and offering training, Facing History and Ourselves allows students to understand our collective history and how it informs our decisions and behaviours. In this way, they aim to encourage engaged and informed citizens, ensuring a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Health and Wellbeing: Raising awareness and the profile of a health issue.

Dementia UK

Dementia UK provides specialist support to people caring for those living with dementia via their trained Admiral Nurses and Helpline. They provide compassionate one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions that can hard to find elsewhere.

LAMP Advocacy

Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project (LAMP) provides independent community mental health advocacy, supporting people struggling to navigate and access the mental health services they need. They empower individuals to speak up and make sure that their voice is heard throughout their recovery journey.

Environmental Impact: Increasing education around caring for our planet.

Trees for Cities

Trees for Cities works to bring trees and greenery to urban areas across the UK, improving the environments we live in and protecting nature. By working closely with local communities to engage with projects, they ensure lasting change, whether that be by: regenerating forgotten spaces, developing healthier environments, or encouraging people to grow and eat healthy food.


Our European Charity Partners

Across our European offices, we also support charity partners in line with our four pillars and engage our employees in fundraising and volunteering activities. From supporting children and young people with severe disabilities in Spain with Nexe Fundació, to addressing digital exclusion with Emmaüs Connect in France, we work together to make a lasting difference in our local communities.

Throughout the year, we organise different company-wide campaigns, such as our Christmas appeal which brings us together to support important causes and raise life changing funds.

We are proud to continue to support our charity partners and work actively to make a meaningful difference in our local communities.


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