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Celebrating Pride Month

At Tokio Marine HCC International, we kicked off Pride month celebrations in style with a Party with Ginger drag bingo organised by our UK Social Committee. It was an evening packed with laughs, prizes and fabulous performances — everyone had a great time. Pride is about bringing people together and having fun as much as it is about educating, so we were thrilled to see such a great turnout and everyone getting involved.

But why is it so important for companies to celebrate Pride? Well, firstly, 25% of young adults who identify as LGBTQIA+ are not open about their sexuality at work as they don’t feel comfortable enough to be their true selves. What’s more, over 35% of LGBTQIA+ staff have hidden their sexual orientation in the workplace for fear of discrimination. 


Here at Tokio Marine HCC International, it’s in our mission to foster an inclusive environment and a culture of belonging that celebrates everyone’s differences. We were founded on the principles of creating a good society by looking beyond our business and focusing on inspiring and empowering our people to look beyond profits. It’s at the heart of our To Be a Good Company ethos. 

We also acknowledge the importance of education during Pride, so we organised a lunch and learn event with our charity partner Facing History & Ourselves. They are  a non-profit organisation that provides teaching resources based on history to challenge teachers and students to stand up to hate crimes. We discussed important topics including the importance of self-reflection when discussing gender and sexuality and how we can be active allies during Pride month and beyond.

Extending beyond London, Pride month initiatives continued internationally throughout Tokio Marine HCC’s French offices; our colleagues in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux played a diversity game to spark meaningful conversation. They challenged each other with general knowledge questions on diversity issues that balanced fun, statistics and historical dates. There were additional true story questions that encouraged role play for real-life situations, so we could put ourselves in each other’s shoes.

We joined forces with our wider networks, getting involved in activities with LGBTQIA+ insurance network LINK. LINK is a network that supports and promotes LGBTQIA+ talent both in entering the insurance industry and in their professional growth within it. Members work across 300 firms in various departments including claims, underwriting, actuarial, broking, public relations, IT, sustainability, law and accountancy. LINK members will be flying the rainbow flag loud and proud for the LGBTQIA+ community while marching in London’s Pride Parade on 1 July it’s a fun day filled with excitement and an unbeatable atmosphere.

At Tokio Marine HCC, Pride month fuels our passion to be an inclusive employer — we strive to be a force within the insurance industry that not only attracts but also empowers LGBTQIA+ talent within the insurance industry. While June puts Pride in the spotlight, our commitment to championing diversity lasts year-round. Whether we’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community or allies, let’s all create a future where inclusivity reigns supreme.

Eva Merpillat
Eva Merpillat

CSR Assistant

Ashley Rice
Ashley Rice

CSR Manager