Tuesday 16 May 2017 - Thought Leadership

Protection from WannaCry Ransomware Attacks

Following the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks, cyber insurance is an even more hot topic. What is certain with this virus was that it had no limitations and affected companies, business and individuals.

Tokio Marine HCC has teamed up with Depositit, cyber protection specialists who provide backup for SME Cyber policy holders. Should the worst case scenario occur, Depositit will be on hand to provide a copy of the latest data stored. 


A reliable backup service is essential for business continuity

Depositit’s unique server architecture replicates data to multiple geographically and commercially independent UK based data centres and IP providers that are monitored 24 hours a day.

All of their data centres conform to ISO 27001 and benefit from full UPS power protection and backup generators with constant monitoring 24 hours a day.The data centres are operationally equipped using water free fire suppressant systems, climate and moisture content control.

US Military endorsed encryption

Security is further enhanced with the use of 448-bit blowfish encryption, which is endorsed by the US Military and ensures that data cannot be accessed by anyone besides the account holder. In addition they do not hold any record of customer passwords and all payment card/financial information is held securely by WorldPay, a service provided by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

A secure backup can help businesses restore systems after a cyber breach

Depositit can provide clients with the last back up taken prior to the malware having corrupted their network. Whilst this may result in some down time and cost, which their Insurance policy could assist with, it would allow them to move forward safe in the knowledge that they systems were not infected with ransomware which may still lie hidden within their network.   

Frequently asked questions

If someone had opened WannaCry (or any other malware) and their system was infected, would this also infect the back-ups? 

No, the back-ups are secure and unaffected as long as they had not been backed up following the download of the malware. As the Depositit system holds backups from the previous few days, depending how the Insured wants it configured, should an infected version of the data be backed up the insured would be able to move back to the first non-infected version of the back-up and upload that instead.

If another client of Depositit had backed up corrupted systems to Depositit, could that infect the data which is also backed-up with them?

No, the Depositit systems would not be impacted as they do not open anything. The data is merely saved to Depositit.  As no files are opened, malware is not able to spread. 

Can I get support to understand the health of my current protections? 

Yes, Depositit provides a free cyber health check to support all clients.

Xavier Marguinaud
Xavier Marguinaud

Head of Cyber