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Weather Insurance Market: Weddings

By Anthony Osterrieth

How covid-19 has impacted the weather insurance market: Weddings

It’s no secret that covid-19 has caused major disruption in 2020, with many businesses struggling this year – particularly those within the hospitality and events sectors. With restrictions banning weddings coming into effect in March, over 73,600 weddings and same-sex civil partnership ceremonies have been affected this year.


Due to changing regulations this year, surrounding social gatherings and the number of people who are legally permitted – many have chosen to put off tying the knot this summer. Taking the restrictions and health and safety factors into account, it comes as no surprise that thousands of hopeful fiancés have pushed back their spring and summer ceremonies this year. Some are choosing to instead arrange weddings for the autumn or winter, but these colder months bring the added risk of adverse conditions impacting your special day.   

We have seen recently just how temperamental and unpredictable weather in the UK can be even in the summer, with August bringing a week-long heatwave followed by heavy rainfall and storms. Taking these factors into account, it is important when planning a wedding to consider the need for weather protection insurance. People invest a significant amount of time, effort, and money into their “big day”, but when bad weather strikes it can not only shatter dreams, but also leave a significant hole in the budget as a result. 

Working in close partnership with Weddie, we offer “rainy day” wedding insurance to help you save money and provide compensation for rainy weather on your special day, and any additional costs this may incur. This means that, should it rain on your wedding day, subject to the preconditions of cover, we can provide a lump sum of £5,000 with no need for proof of damage. Our straightforward and transparent insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage, automatic claims settlement, and responsive customer service – making it the ideal product for brokers or end customers.

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Anthony Osterrieth
Anthony Osterrieth

Head of International Business Development - Specialty Group