Thursday 19 October 2023 - Thought Leadership

J Business Risk Engineering Seminar

Tokio Marine HCC (TMHCC) has built its reputation upon the vast and valuable expertise we can apply to the management of specialty risks across the globe, but while that expertise makes us stand out from the crowd, we know that the management of risk in an increasingly uncertain world requires a collaborative approach.

We don’t believe in keeping our expertise to ourselves, which is why on the Monday 23 October, members of our Japanese Business, Risk Engineering team will be hosting a special event at the Allianz Teknik Centre in Istanbul to help clients understand the latest thinking on the management of earthquake risks.


 As a leading global insurer of earthquake risks, we have a unique level of experience and insight in this area, which is why we have teamed up with Allianz Teknik to bring together risk experts and clients to help everyone better understand the hazards created by earthquakes.

The Allianz team, who have built a specialist training centre complete with an earthquake simulator, will provide technical advice and hands-on practical training, while the TMHCC team will share their own insight and experience with clients and Allianz alike.

The training event will be attended by some of the most senior members of TMHCC’s in-house risk engineering team, as well as members of the Japanese Business team. The attendees are:

  • Olivier Huet Des Aunay, Head of Risk Engineering
  • Paresh Zala, Deputy Head of Risk Engineering
  • Simon Hargrave, Senior Consultant Risk Engineer
  • Neil Duddy, Senior Consultant Risk Engineer
  • David Pierson, Risk Engineer
  • Kazuhiko Yashiro, Japanese Business Development Manager - Belgium
  • Jun Ito, Japanese Business Development Manager, Allianz - Turkey
  • Masayuki Aoki, TDR

Joining the risk experts will be two leading clients including a car manufacturing giant and a Japanese Manufacturing company. Together, they will learn everything from how buildings react to an earthquake and how businesses can respond, to understanding how earthquakes are risk assessed and undergrowing simulated fire response training. In essence, they will receive training and insight into every conceivable aspect of risk management while experiencing the closest thing to a real earthquake in test conditions. 

Risk continues to mutate at a remarkable rate across the globe which is why we will always make investments in risk management capabilities and help clients of all shapes and sizes get a far more granular and actionable view of their risks, whatever they might be.

To read more about our Japanese business offering, please click here.

The event was a huge success and in the short video below, you can see some of the attendees immersing themselves in the training. From taking a deep dive into the science behind earthquakes and how risk engineering can mitigate the impact, to watching how shock waves ripple up a multi-story building and even entering the centre’s purpose-built simulator to experience what an earthquake feels like. We believe that ongoing education and sharing knowledge is the best way to ensure understanding behind the latest developments on the management of earthquake risks.