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Protecting Your Profits, Whatever the Weather

By TMHCC Specialty Group

With summer in the UK comes a wave of festivals, tournaments, concerts, fundraisers and the like. While every detail of these events is substantially pre-planned, the unpredictability of summer weather can send these plans into a tail-spin of unexpected closures, cancellations and refunds. Adverse weather can dampen the spirits of otherwise committed customers and result in major loss for businesses.


The recent Y Not festival in Derbyshire provides a prime example of the worst occurring when it comes to dependence on the weather, as torrential rainfall across the UK resulted in cancelled sets and angry tweets from disappointed fans.

There’s no denying it – We’re all at the mercy of the weather. But your bottom line doesn’t have to be.

We’ve seen the tweets, read the reports, and want to offer our umbrella to protect balance sheets and increase revenues, whatever the weather. Introducing Tokio Marine HCC Weatherproof.

In partnership with a team of expert meteorologists from Weather Analytics, a leading provider of global weather data and predictive analytics, Weatherproof offers tailored insurance solutions, wherever your location, and whatever your industry.

So how does it work?

Weather Analytics’ Global Forecast System model grabs statistics from 40,000 ground stations, geostationary weather satellites, moored and drifted ocean weather buoys, flight path recordings, and military bases. The meteorologist team then make sense of these disparate global weather sources by creating algorithms to collect, fuse, cleanse, format, and rationalise the data.

We utilise this data to provide accurate, science-based solutions to insure your business exposure against all extremes, including snow, rain, temperature or wind. We can even insure you against ground moisture or surface air pressure.

Our 3-step process makes extreme weather a breeze

You supply us with your risk location, financial exposure, risk time period and weather worries – Weatherproof will take care of the rest. We provide you with optimal options for your budget and exposure, and if bad weather strikes, we’ll give hour-by-hour verification within 48 hours of your claim.

Simple as that.

Our products include Cost Containment, Income Stabilisation and Promotions, and is well suited to cover weather risks in the Leisure, Agriculture, Film & TV, Tourism, Retail, Construction and Energy industries to name a few.

To get a weather insurance quote, learn more, or try out our global forecast system for yourself, visit our website, and find out how we can keep downpours from washing away your profits.

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