Tuesday 31 January 2023 - Thought Leadership

2022's Top 10 Cyber Incidents

2022 has been a year of global inflation, massive hikes in energy costs, and war. So, it should come as no surprise that the cost of a data breach has reached an all-time high.

Based on our internal estimation, Isaac Guasch, our in-house Cyber Security Leader has, this year once again, compiled a list of the worst and most impacting cyber incidents of the year in terms of financial impact and reputational damage.

Cyber Top 10 2022

These attacks highlight the malicious intent of not just common criminals, but also world leaders, and show how just one attack can affect millions of consumers (with a special mention of one of the current biggest fashion-retailers).

This year, as a special “Bonus Track”, he also highlights the potential risks and benefits of a relatively emerging technology that is now available to any user – Artificial Intelligence.

Isaac Guasch
Isaac Guasch

Cyber Security Leader

Maximilian Löw

Senior Underwriter - Cyber